Venerate Home Health has the experience and compassion needed to provide care in a home environment without sacrificing quality or safety.
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Our Services

Venerate Home Health Express does not exclude, deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, color, or national origin or on the basis of disability or age in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services and benefits under any of its programs and activities, whether carried out by us directly or through a contractor or any other entity with which we have arranged to carry out our programs and activities.

Our personalized services include:

  • Home Health Services

    Our Home Health Services include:

    Skilled Nursing Care
    They provide direct nursing care and work with patients and their physicians to develop an appropriate and comprehensive plan of care.

    A. Skilled Nurse Services

    • Skilled observation and assessment of newly diagnosed conditions or the exacerbation of an existing condition
    • Management and Evaluation of a Patient Care Plan
    • Teaching and Training Activities that require the skills of the nurse
    • Administration of Medications, not oral, eye medications, or topicals
    • Tube Feedings
    • Nasopharyngeal and Tracheotomy Aspirations
    • Foley catheter insertion and care
    • Wound Care
      1. Observation and Assessment
      2. Teaching and Training
      3. Direct Care
      4. Specialized procedures
    • Ostomy Care
    • Heat Treatments
    • Medical Gases
    • Rehabilitation/Restorative Nursing
    • Psychiatric Evaluation and Therapy
    • Diabetic Management, Teach Diabetic Care and Nutrition
    • Medication Supervision, Teaching for a new or changed drug
    • Intravenous Therapy
    • Total Parental Nutrition
    • Pain Management
    • Respiratory Treatments
    • Patient/Family Health Teaching
    • Incontinence Care
    • Teach Administration of injections

    B. Disease/Disorder Management

    Our specialized staff utilizes a group of coherent interventions designed to prevent or manage one or more chronic conditions using a systematic, multidisciplinary approach and potentially employing multiple treatment modalities. The goal of Venerates disease management is to identify persons at risk for one or more chronic conditions, to promote self-management by patients, and to address the illnesses or conditions with maximum outcome, effectiveness, and efficiency in the comfort of the client's environment.

    C. Mental Health Services

    Skilled observation and assessment may be required for patients whose primary condition and needs are psychiatric in nature or for patients who, in addition to their physical problems, have a secondary psychiatric diagnosis.

    These patients may exhibit acute psychological symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, or agitation, that require skilled observation and assessment, such as observing for indications of suicidal or hostile behavior.

    However, these conditions often require considerably more specialized, sophisticated nursing techniques and physician attention than is available in most participating SNFs. (SNFs that are primarily engaged in treating psychiatric disorders are precluded by law from participating in Medicare.) Therefore, these situations must be carefully documented.

    Physical Therapy
    Assists with muscle strengthening exercises, ambulation, endurance enhancement, and post-joint-replacement exercise programs.

    • Safety Evaluation
    • Assessment of Rehabilitation Needs
    • Therapeutic and Muscle re-education
    • Personalized home exercise program
    • Gait and Balance training
    • Range of Motion
    • Anodyne Therapy
    • Maintenance Therapy
    • Ultrasound, Short-wave, and Microwave
    • Diathermy Treatments
    • Pain management, Ultrasound and Electrotherapy
    • Fall Precaution Program
    • Transfer training
    • Hot Packs, Infrared Treatments, Paraffin Baths, and Whirlpool Baths
    • Patient/Family Teaching

    Speech Therapy
    Assesses and treats swallowing and speech dysfunctions and cognitive (memory and judgment) problems.

    • Assessment
    • Speech and Swallowing Evaluation
    • Speech/Voice Production
    • Communicative Activities of Daily Living
    • Speech/Language Communication
    • Establish Maintenance Program
    • Develop Control of Vocal/Respiratory Systems for Voice Production
    • Speech Volume Training
    • Aural Rehabilitation
    • Treatment of Swallowing Disorders
    • Language Disorders Treatments
    • Voice and Articulation Therapy
    • Speech articulation disorder

    Occupational Therapy
    Assesses and re-educates fine motor and functional skills such as dressing, eating, and bathing. Teaches energy conservation and how clients can pace their activities.

    • Comprehensive Evaluation
    • Daily living activity (ADL) training
    • Adaptive Equipment Training
    • Energy Conservation Technique
    • Modalities for Decrease Edema
    • Specialized Osteoporosis exercises
    • Fine and Gross Motor Activity
    • Planning, Implementation, and Supervision of Therapeutic Programs:
      1. To restore physical function.
      2. To restore sensory/integrative function.
      3. To improve the level of independence in activities of daily living.
      4. To design, fabricate, and fit orthotic or self-help devices.
    • Vocational and pre-vocational assessment and training.
    • Active treatment program for psychiatric patients.

    Social Work
    Our social workers assist patients and families in identifying appropriate community resources that may assist with their recovery and ability to remain in their homes.

    • Medical Social Services
    • Assessment of social and emotional factors
    • Counseling for long-range planning and decision-making
    • Community Resources Planning
  • Advantage Case Management

    The Advantage programs provide home and community-based services to persons aged 21 and older who qualify for nursing facility care. The Advantage programs are designed to support, not replace family- or other informal support or assistance, and to aid and enhance the family or caregiver's ability to provide care for a person.

    A person must first qualify for Medicaid, a low-income service, prior to receiving Advantage. Advantage cannot be provided for children or those individuals with mental retardation.

    Case Management

    Case Management uses a collaborative process to assess, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the options and services designed to meet an individuals needs. Through this process, individuals served are encouraged to make informed decisions about their care and encouraged to move toward progressive independence.

    Your Case Manager assumes the following roles:

    A. Service Coordinator. The case manager facilitates interdisciplinary team processes to:

    • identify Consumer needs and strengths;
    • identify and coordinate service delivery;
    • arrange for and initiate service implementation and;
    • monitor service delivery

    B. An Advocate. The Case Manager ensures that:

    Consumers receive appropriate, quality services;
    Services are modified to meet changing consumer needs;
    Interventions are made to ensure the system is responsive to consumers and
    The plan of care is progressively moving the individual toward self-care and preventing further loss of function;

    C. A Consumer Consultant. The Case Manager:

    • Assists Consumers to recognize and identify their service needs;
    • Educates Consumers on the quality and appropriateness of services;
    • Supports Consumers to take responsibility for their own care to the greatest extent possible; and,
    • when necessary, represents Consumers in interactions with DHS program administration and

    D. A Gatekeeper. The case manager assures level of care and program appropriateness:

    • Only those Consumers appropriate for Medicaid case management receive the service through the DHS programs;
    • To the extent possible, methods are built into the service plan to progressively move the Consumer toward independence and the use of informal, family, and volunteer services;
    • Expenditure of funds is justified and
    • Costs are monitored and contained.
  • Personal Care / Private Duty Services

    The Personal Care Program is a program that helps people with long-term disabilities live independently at home. The program allows members to receive services to help with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, exercising, taking medications, and moving about inside the home.

    Personal Care includes but are not limited to:

    • Personal Hygiene/Bathing
    • Dressing
    • Transfer/Ambulation
    • Cleaning/Light Housekeeping
    • Laundry
    • Feeding
    • Meal Preparation
    • Grooming
    • Routine Hair and Skin Care
    • Toileting
    • Escort
    • Shopping
    • Assist with taking self-administered medication

Other services provided by Venerate Home Health
includes but not limited to:

Advanced Supportive/Restorative Task when authorized such as:

  • Observing the member and reporting the observation
  • Application of Topical Medication
  • Supervise/Assist with the administration of oral medication
  • Prevention of Decubitus (Skin breakdown)
  • Bowel program
  • Basic personal care of Ostomy and catheters
  • Use of transfer devise
  • Application of non-sterile dressings to superficial skin breaks or abrasions
  • Universal Precautions
  • Application of Ted Stockings

If you want to avail of our services, please send us a message today to get started. We will be more than willing to lend you the best home healthcare assistance.